"Share Project" comment box is too short

The "Share Project" comment box is too short to include the details of a subwoofer build. Why is brevity enforced? I want all the info I can get about the driver I am looking at buying, or the box I am thinking of building.

Perhaps it is outside of SpeakerBox's purpose but I would like to see SBL become a forum for sharing more details of subwoofer projects, especially their perceivedand measured performances.

"how does it sound?" is as important to me as Its simulated performance.

Just my two cents

Thank You to the builders of this site.

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Thanks for your words. Yes, the project description is too short because of the development of the service time-limited and project sharing is the test feature. If users will share their projects and fill the description it'll be expanded to the full text and photos support, like an article. Thanks for your participation in the project :)

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As part of the project sharing development I would like suggest a feature. A list of shared projects would be very useful. Currently it very difficult to find shared projects in the list of drivers.

It would be great to see what others are building, what drivers are popular, what kind of boxes are people building.

I am probably suggesting a feature that is already planed.

You are right. Users activity is a necessary feature but in priority at the moment, but it will be in the future. At first, I need to finish the android version and do some plots upgrades.